Friends List: Ama Ree
Friends List: Ama Ree

Friends List: Ama Ree

Mining My Friends List

As I wrote on 24 Dec, I’ve decided to spend 2015 going through my SL “Friends List” and asking my “friends” to get together for an hour. January is for the “A” and “B” friends, of which there were 36 when I sent my notecards out. The first to respond, and the first to meetup, appropriately enough on 1-1, New Year’s Day, was Ama Ree.

sepia-toned portrait of Ama Ree taken on 1 January 2015
Ama Ree, 1 January 2015

Ama Ree

Ama is kind of like a friend you meet online. You know, you’ve known them for a long time, but you’ve never actually met IRL. Only in this case, I’ve known Ama for a long time, but we’ve never actually met ISL. Ama and I first “met online” in 2010 when she reached out to me about the WoW Field Trip we were planning. Since then we’ve been in occasional contact around different events and activities. For the recent Avatar Selfie Card Deck, Ama brought in so many of the peeps who participated.

Vanessa Blaylock and Ama Ree in conversation. Monochrome photograph. Sepia toned.
After playing a little “frog gun” at what was left of Kimika Ying’s “Sister Planet,” Ama took me to a cool treehouse, I think it might have been Crap Mariner’s place, where she wanted to take a photo of me sitting upside-down in a hanging chair.
Photo of Ama Ree running on a treadmill desk. Monochromatic photo. Sepia toned.
Crap Mariner, or whoever’s place we were at, had A LOT of books! And awesomely enough, also a treadmill desk! Crap had done the quick and easy “Surf Shelf” Treadmill Desk which I’ll be talking about this Thursday. As you can see, Ama is super-spry and kicks ass on the treadmill!

Thank you Ama. I can’t believe we’ve been “friends” for over 4 years and only “met” today! But it was really great to finally meet!

Happy 2015 Ama! I hope to see you a lot sooner than 2019! 😛

Warm Regards,

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photo of Ama Ree and Vanessa Blaylock in Crap Mariner's Treehouse in the virtual world Second Life. Monochromatic Image. Sepia Toned
Ama Ree, Vanessa Blaylock, 1 January 2015

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