Mining My Friends List
Mining My Friends List

Mining My Friends List

two friends in pink dresses smiling and looking at the camera

ღ ღ Cass ღ ღ (cassandra Ushimawa)
.: まくR :. (Mak Outlander)
.:: C E U ::. (ceu Bade)
.:ᶳօʞª™ ℵᵒѕƒєrαtս:. (Sokari Portland)
Agnes Sharple
Aino Baar
Alan Passerine
Aleja Asturias
Alex Riverstone
Alex Laiho
Alíz-Nathalia Archer
Ama Ree
Anyusha Lilienthal
Apmel Gosson
Apmel Ibbetson
Apmel Meerson
Apmelina Slingshot
Archivist Llewellyn
Ardyn Bizet
Arianna Earst
Ash UK
Avery Blacklock
Babypea VonPhoenix Bikergrrl
Bathsheba Vizenor
Bear Morgwain
Becky (Canary Beck)
Beejoo Cerise
Benji Bhalti
Betty Tureaud
Betz Darwinian
Bibbe Oh
BlackSnake Nightfire
Bohny Spad
Bonnie (Monerda Nirvana)
Botgirl Questi
Bryn Oh

Friends List: Two young friends, a girl in black, and a guy in white, sitting on the grass, smiling, and eating taquitos

Friends List

Although I just included you as 1 of 36 recipients from the “A-B” part of my SL friends list, I mean this notecard to be anything but impersonal. Despite the slightly spammy distribution, I’m saying Hello! to you, wishing you Happy Holidays, and hoping that You and I can get together sometime in January.

I’ve been thinking about my “Friends List.” Or my Friends Lists. My 1,003 Facebook “friends,” my 289 SL “friends” and so on. What is a “friend” anyway? IRL you might get someone’s card at a conference, and on arriving home, not quite remember who they are. In oldschool RL, people like your plumber might have been in your “Rolodex.” That didn’t necessarily mean they were your “friend,” but they were a good “contact” to have. In cyberspace today, Facebook calls them “Friends,” LinkedIn calls them “Connections,” and Google+ calls them simply “People.”

As a pretty social place, perhaps it’s appropriate that SL calls them “Friends.” Even so, like that RL stack of business cards from the conference, adjacent names in your SL Friends list might represent good friends, acquaintances, and who-were-they-again? It’s no shame: you do an event, have a conversation, add a “friend,” and then time goes by. Sometimes we get busy. Sometimes we forget.


Still, I’ve been staring at my SL Friends List recently, wondering who everyone is, both in the metaphysical, and individual senses, and thinking that a friends list should mean more. That it should at least mean that it’s someone you spend an hour a year with! So, I’ve decided to do just that. I’m reaching out to all my “A-B” friends in January, “C-D” friends in February, “E-F” friends in March… and finishing up with all my “W-X-Y-Z” friends in December 2015.

If you’re interested, and if your schedule permits, I’d like to spend an hour with You anytime in January 2015. We could have coffee, or a beer. We could go shopping, or dancing. We could look at art, or make some. Whatever you like.

If you’re interested, drop me an IM or Notecard in-world, or an email to vanessa at Blaylock dot nl, with a few days / times that work for you.

Happy Holidays Friend!

Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Hope to see you in January!


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Friends List: black-and-white photo of 2 young girls laughing, smiling, and embracing each other


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black and white photo of two women against a wall. One is smiling and looking at the camera, the other is yawning with the wind blowing her long, dark hair into her face

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