VBCO cast member Friday Blaisdale lying in a lifeless prone position on the floor of an Ancient Greek temple

VB12 – Landscapes with a Corpse

Petruchio (Greece / Egypt / Atlantis / Stonehenge)
7 November 2009

Do avatars die? Spared the “bad design” of mortality, avatars voluntarily give up their existences all the time. Avatars I know (or their typists) have died, suffered heart attacks, been diagnosed with breast cancer, and more in the past year. As with first life we are paradoxically both constantly reminded of and yet somehow in denial of death all at the same time. In Landscapes with a Corpse we think of “to die” with some of Hamlet’s “to sleep” perspective as our fallen avatars populate the landscapes of Petruchio. As our friends visit us perhaps they wonder if we might be only sleeping… sure to awaken at any moment…

Forceme Silverspar lies in a lifeless supine position, her body resting in a field of poppies and next to a Ouija board
VB12 – Landscapes with a Corpse