Burning Life ’09 / Burn Stage
24 October 2009

VB/CO participated thrice in Burning Life ’09, the official Virtual Regional of Burning Man. We organized our 4th Flashmob, the Burning Life Zombie Crawl, I worked with artist Laurel Leavitt in Silene Christen’s “Artist’s Duel Camp,” and we performed Fire Walk With Me on the Burning Life Burn Stage. In Silene’s Camp I created transparent “bottles” incorporating our Martha Graham Celebration poses from VB10, and these bottles became the structure for our Fire Walk With Me performance. In this performance we invited Burning Life visitors to join the VB/CO cast in wearing “grid skins” and “dancing” in the fire.

avatars inside a rotating bottle and doing a fire dance at Burning Life 2009
VB11 – Fire Walk With Me

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