Rezdaypalooza & NHR Walk Sunday!
Rezdaypalooza & NHR Walk Sunday!

Rezdaypalooza & NHR Walk Sunday!

Sunday 11 January is a pretty special day. If you can believe it, it’s the 8th rezday for both Ze Moo and Betty Tureaud. Yes! Ze & Betty both rezzed on 11 Jan ’07! IKR! Impossible, but true!

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On a far more bittersweet note, it’s also the 2nd anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz. And it’s also the 1st day of the 2015 New Hampshire Rebellion Walk for campaign finance reform.


We’ll be having a special Rezdayapalooza Party for Ze, Betty & Agyness O’Sharple (every day is Agyness’ rezday!) and we’ll also walk on AVtrak treadmills in solidarity with the NHR walkers. It’s going to be pretty cold in NH, so we’ll be a lot warmer, but we can still walk that day’s 11 miles in virtual solidarity with them:

The NHR 1st day walk and Rezdaypalooza @LEA23 are:

Sunday, 11 January
8am – 12:30pm SLT
17:00 – 21:30 CET

You Can


Like all in-world events, you can get info, updates, and occasional moronic chat, via the VB Friends group. An additional group you may want to join for the full multi-sensory immersion in all that is Rezdaypalooza is Agyness’ new Cakealist group.

Great Moments in Rezdaypalooza History

Thank You!

For a pagan (atheist) like me, there’s nothing actually special about late December, or early January. But as humans we try to find special days and times in the intervals of our lives. Moments to take stock. So December seems like a good time to consider what the past year has brought, both personally and out there in culture. I recently, finally, got the portfolio of VBCO’s 50 VR performance works from April ’09 – July ’13 published. And in the last couple of weeks I’ve posted about My Top 5 Podcasts 2014 and My Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2014.

graphic of the words "Let Them Eat Cake - Rezdaypalooza" set in the House Industries "Ed Interlock" typeface, with the first words "Let Them Eat Cake" in black type on a red background, and the final words, "Rezdaypalooza" set in red type on a black backgroundBeyond those infamous “resolutions” that we love to break by 5 or 10 January, this month is also a time for considering life and the year ahead. For appreciating what we have. And, of course, for appreciating friends. My not-boyfriend Ze Moo is a philandering playboy! But he also gets me. More and better than anyone I’ve ever known. I’ve had more than one gallery owner inform me that I’m not an artist at all, but simply a spammer. I’ve been cussed at by so many people for so many reasons. And then when I think that nobody actually understands the work I’m trying to do, Ze not only gets it, not only gets me, but always has exactly the right insight for how to take it to the next level. He is an amazing man. I couldn’t love him any more even if he weren’t a philandering playboy!

In a world with so many artists doing so much great work, Betty Tureaud is, simply, the busiest artist I know. In the time it takes most of us to think about what the next project is, Betty’s already created three, totally unique, new, remarkable virtual installation pieces. Betty’s portfolio of VR Light & Space works is extraordinary. And for someone so busy, Betty always seems to drop by at my little projects. It was a treat and a privilege to be able to co-create VB34 – Net / Work with Betty in March ’12.

Agyness, and Trilby are my oldest, and best friends in this world. We’ve done so many projects together! Including the particularly complicated VB18 – Avatar Chess where I was out of town and Agyness stepped up to take on a lot of work and stress to pull the thing off. Last year Agyness created the sublime Tree of Missing Avatars at LEA11. And quite simply, there is no one, RL or VR, who has told me to Shut Up! more times than Agyness.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends on Sunday. To celebrating our choice to be “alive” in this world. To reminiscing about past times, and considering new projects. Thanks to Ze, Betty, Agyness, and You, for being a part of my life!


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  1. Updates:


    Ze Moo doesn’t like the time I picked. He wants to do it the day before, Saturday, from 3p – Midnight California Time, or Sunday, from Midnight – 9a Amsterdam Time.


    It turns out that one day before Ze & Betty, was Apmel Goosson’s rezday!

    So, tentatively then, it’s an Apmel + Ze + Betty + Agyness Rezdaypalooza this Saturday 3p – Midnight California Time / Sunday Midnight – 9a Amsterdam Time (aka midnight SLT to midnight CET)

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