Micol Hebron: Do avatars have vulvas?
Micol Hebron: Do avatars have vulvas?

Micol Hebron: Do avatars have vulvas?

Apparently some do?

Apparently some don’t?

Micol Hebron's vulva drawing project: image of a Micol Hebron "glitter painting". The base is  a work of geometric abstraction, but covered in glitter and with a drawing of a vulva on top of it

If you do, or if you ever wanted to, Micol Hebron wants you to send her a drawing of yours:

Ok, I’m starting a new project. Yep – another one. It may not surprise you to hear that I would like you to send me drawings of your vulvas. Tee Corinne style (Cunt Coloring book); Conscioussness-raising style. I am looking to make more glitter paintings that are like these (see below) – but that include drawings of contemporary women and female-identified cultural producers. In the spirit of examining and challenging cissexist notions of essentialist feminism, I’d like to say that your “vulva” can also be a penis. Or something else entirely. 🙂 Your drawing can be identified/attributed, if you want it to be, or can remain anonymous if you prefer that. if you are interested or intrigued, PM me, and I’ll send you more info and details about the project. It’s gonna be big. And awesome.

Micol Hebron

Micol Hebron's vulva drawing and painting project: image of two Joseph Albers "Homage to the Square" like paintings, but with glitter and vulva drawings on top of the geometric abstraction.
Homage to the Vulva

Micol Hebron

I know Micol Hebron best as a faculty member at Fontbron Academy where her teaching has elevated generations of students from the drudgery of so many past centuries of art object production. I once applied to teach at Fontbron myself, though sadly, my application never made it past the HR screeners.

Micol Hebron's vulva drawing project: geometric abstraction in black and white stripes with vulva drawings on top

More importantly, Hebron has been a prolific creator and organizer of video, performance, and installation works. Isabella Medici reviewed Micol Hebron’s 2014 group project (en)Gendered (in)Equity or “Gallery Tally” . Hebron’s work consistently explores feminism, identity, and contemporary culture through her individual and group works. Collaborative works like (en)Gendered (in)Equity not only serve to critique artworld status quo, but to simultaneously create new community and new culture. I don’t yet know too much about this new series of Vulva Works, but based on her body of collaborative and curatorial projects, I think this is a project you’ll be pleased to be a part of.

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