Scarlett Luv-Star, Bacon Barista
Scarlett Luv-Star, Bacon Barista

Scarlett Luv-Star, Bacon Barista

Photo of Vanessa Blaylock sitting at a tile topped table drinking a latte at Bacon Barista on a dusky Medici University morning
Vanessa Blaylock at Scarlett Luv-Star’s new coffee house, Bacon Barista, on the campus of Medici University, at MU-Maria-6

Bacon Barista!

Medici University’s first retail space has opened! Scarlett Luv-Star has opened Bacon Barista, a fresh and inspiring morning, or anytime, coffee shop. BB has an incredible view of Lake Dianora and the Eleonora Slough. Bacon Barista is located in the Maria neighborhood of the Medici University campus, at MU-Maria-6.

For me personally, the good news is that my office is right next door at MU-Maria-7. The bad news is that my office is right next door at MU-Maria-7. IDK why I even have an office, since I’ll probably just hold all my office hours at Bacon Barista. Unfortunately, Scarlett’s incredibly rich Chai Latte’s are going to mean a lot of calories in and a lot of L$ out! It sure is a good thing Soto Hax scripted AVtrak for us! And also that Izzy’s Gym is just a couple doors over at MU-Camilla-5. I guess that will be my new routine: drink-burn-repeat!

4 avatars sit at a terrace table outside Bacon Barista
Emma Maybe, Keri Luv-Star, Scarlett Luv-Star, and Vanessa Blaylock having a coffee and a chat at Bacon Barista, MU-Maria-6.
Scarlett Luv-Star, Vanessa Blaylock, and Emma Maybe sit at a tile-topped table on a terrace at Bacon Barista having coffee on a dusky  morning
The view looking NW, with Misprint Thursday’s Amplituhedron at LEA25 behind us in the distance.

I should say about these photos, that I’m not texting on my new iPhone and ignoring my friends! I was simply waiting for a very important text about a high-profile new grad student the MU School of Public Art is trying to recruit.


Welcome Scarlett and Bacon Barista! So excited to have you on campus and as neighbors! To everyone else moving in, Hello! Please drop by and say hi! If I’m not in my studio @MU-Maria-7, I’m probably next door at BB, @MU-Maria-6!

If you’re not moving in to your new Medici University studio yet, why not!? You can apply as Student, Faculty, Staff, or Retail, on the Medici University website!

Vanessa Blaylock's signature

MU Studio Door Signs showing "Bacon Barista" and "Vanessa Blaylock's office" next door to each other at MU-Maria-6 and MU-Maria-7
Aww, Scarlett and I are neighbors!


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