Baby Merope
Baby Merope

Baby Merope

Baby Merope is born! 26 October ’20!

As you already know, mommy (who’s never getting pregnant!) took a snip of daddy Ze’s hair to the DNA lab and made me. I was born on 19 June ’20. And then mommy took a snip of Neeva’s hair to the DNA lab and made Baby Andromeda. Andi was born on 4 August ’20.

Well, now Baby Merope has been born today, 26 October ’20! This time mommy took a snip of Agnes’ hair — no, not Agnes the monkey! — Agnes Sharple! Mommy took the hair to the SLdna wab and made Merope! Finally I have a brother!

Luncheon on the grass. Baby Merope (left) giving me stink eye. Who knows why? Andromeda (center) trying to eat the rattle! Having a baby sister and a baby brother takes a lot of patience from me! Little babies just don’t know anything! But it’s nice to have them around. So I try to be the wise big sister and help them if I can. That’s me on the right, just trying to drink my meelk in peace!
Baby Merope playing with a rattle. He loves that sound!
Waiting for somebody to feed us. Me on the left, Merope in the center, and Andromeda on the right. Waiting. And waiting. This is basically a baby’s life. We wait for someone to feed us. It’s not like we’re hungry or anything!
Auntie Aero feeding me at last!
Andi has a bowl of cheerios on mommy’s bed.
Mommy holding me (is the best!)
Family meeting time! Auntie Neeva holding me on the right. In the center is mommy holding Andromeda. On the left is my babysitter Effi. And that’s Merope on the ground drinking meelk. We’re a happy family. All we need is food and wub!

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