Baby Alcyone, My Robot Stroller, and the truth about why mommy has so many babies
Baby Alcyone, My Robot Stroller, and the truth about why mommy has so many babies

Baby Alcyone, My Robot Stroller, and the truth about why mommy has so many babies

31 October ’20 Baby Alcyone arrived into our lives. Isn’t she pretty! I welcomed her to the lighthouse from my Robot Stroller (more on that in a minute)

Zooby Magic

The first thing you might know already is that babies are magic! RL babies are! Even old SL prim babies are! Look at the old picture of mommy holding her prim neko baby from a bazillion years ago!

But Carrie Tatsu and her team at Zooby have done something kind of extra special. Mommy and I call it the SLdna wab, but eberyboby else calls it the Zooby Baby Factory!

Baby Merope with his mommy Agnes. Look how much hair he has alreadies! Why? It took me forevers to finally grow hair. Jerk! Oh, and behind them is my babysitter Effi and Granny Wynaz

Seriously, those mesh babies make the pheromones flow

Agnes Sharple
My babysitter Effi holding me

I can’t believe how emotional this makes me feel

Little Effi
Mommy with her neko prim baby in 2012.

Moar Babies = moar wub

You already know about how mommy who runs with scissors but refuses to get pregnant snipped Ze, Neeva & Agnes’ hair to make me, Andi & Merope. What you don’t know is that I made Baby Alcyone!

left to right: Andromeda, Me, new Baby Alcyone, and Merope

When mommy goes to Costco (like, every day!) to buy giant boxes of cheerios for Me and Andi and Merope, she throws the change in a big jar in the lighthouse. So I, mmm, borrowed? Liberated? An bunch of change, and bought a Roomba! I just roomba’d up all the loose hair from babies and aunties and eberyboby in the Lighthouse, and took it all to the SLdna wab and had them make Baby Alcyone! Alcy’s a Halloween Baby!! Born on 31 October ’20!

On the road in my Robot Stroller! I got a cool ice chest underneath so I can always have a bottle of meelk even if mommy and the aunties aren’t around!

Baby Earth’s AI Robot Stroller!!!

At first it was just mommy ‘n me. Then there was Baby Andromeda. Then we boff got strollers. Then there was Baby Merope. And Aunties. And Granny. And Effi our babysitter just lives next door. But still.

What if they’re all gone!

Am I just supposed to lay in my crib all day??? F-that!

Baby Earth need to get out!

Baby Earth needs to roam!

Baby Earth needs to see the world!

Me in my Robot Stroller using a Zooby Prep Skool learning box to teach Baby Alcyone how to say “granny”

Robot see; robot doo doo!

I already towed you about the Roomba vacuum robot I gots to make Baby Alcyone. Well, I hopes 4 babies is enough already! If there’s any more it’ll take an hour just to get a bottle of meelk or a bowl of cheerios. Plus, we animesh babies and our pretty clothes do take up our share of “land impact”. How many babies can one little parcel holds!?

So… I don’t think we need the Roomba anymore. Mommy found the LM for Yadni’s Junkyard. I cried when we discovered that it doesn’t exist anymore. Lucky for us, Baby Earth is smart and I found Kasabian’s Junkyard which is also awesome. So I traded Kasabian my AI Robot Vacuum for an AI Robot Stroller!

Now when Mommy and Effi and all the Aunties are AFK (Babysitter Effi sez it’s not called “AFK” anymores, now it’s called “micronapping”). So, when eberyboby is micronapping, Baby Earth just fires up my AI Robot Stroller and I hit the road! I’m a freewheeling Animesh Baby of Love!

Nothing’s gonna stops me now!

left to right: Alcyone, Merope, Andromeda, and Me!

The Truth about why Mommy has so many Babies!

When mommy first came to SL, many years before I was born, she was a performance artist. She put on big productions. Or so she claims. She constantly makes me look at pictures on flickr or her old blog, so I guess it’s true.

It seems like avatars were happy to be in mommy’s projects. But I guess she also learned that what peeps really craved was a chance to express their identity and individuality. She noticed that they’d wear the costumes she gave them, but as soon as the performance was over, they were eager to take them off and show off their unique style.

Meelk and cheerios! The best time of the day!

Relational Aesthetics?

(big words, when you’re liddle!)

After a while mommy stopped being a performance artist. She changed, kind of like diapers, but hopefully less smelly, she changed to what some peeps call Relational Aesthetics, or Social Practice. But mommy just calls it Virtual Public Art.

Now her projects, like Parades and Coffee Shops and things, are part of bringing avatars together and creating community. Apparently there was some fancy university in 2015. But that’s like when the planet’s crust was soft to me. Anyway, community.



Merope on the left making fun of Andromeda, Alcyone, and me on the right for all biting our hands at the same time. He says it’s not my stroller that’s a robot – we are!

Avatars love to connect. Mommy doesn’t talk very much about the world of the fleshvatars, but maybe she didn’t always feel perfect connections there. Things like politics and religion which are supposed to help bring people together and build stronger communities sometimes wind up tearing people apart.

In SL you create the family you create. So she had me. I already talked about that before. And then there were Aunties who mommy wanted to share baby love with. Like Auntie Agnes and Auntie Neeva. And Grandma Wynaz. And my babysitter Effi.

Animesh babies are amazing! IMHO!!!

But to hold us you need a special HUD called a “Caregiver Access Pass” or CAP.

Mommy holding Andromeda and Alcyone

Show Me the Monies?

It turns out that when you buy a baby, you get a HUD for yourself, and 2 that you can give to peeps like your Partner or an Auntie. But what if mommy keeps adding aunties? After the 2, more CAPs are L$4,000! Each!

A whole baby comes with a HUD for the owner, and 2 CAPs. So if you buy a new baby, or if, cough, your ALT does, then your alt can now hold them, and you can add 2 more aunties to the family. A new baby is L$5,000. So, 2 Aunties plus an Alt, call that 2-1/2 peeps for L$5,000 or $2,000 each. Or half the price of just buying CAPs. Plus you get a whole new baby too!

So… mommy became a baby factory!

Pick me up too, mommy!
Mommy watching over us as we all go to sleep. Nini!

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