Oops! Mommy retconned again!
Oops! Mommy retconned again!

Oops! Mommy retconned again!

Mommy, do you realize how ridiculous it is for you to keep retconning my life!?

Pop Star Mommy?

I’m pretty sure that mommy’s typist is not Britney Spears.


She might as well be!

I can just hear mommy singing and dancing around the (light) house in her underwear,

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oops! I retconned again!

I made you believe we’re born this way

Oh baby, baby

Oops! I retconned again!

You remember the whole thing about how mommy retconned being mommy? It’s here if you forgots.

Well, mommy retconned our lives again!

Here’s her story now:

I was just thinking that Baby Earth and I were so pale! So, after a day at the beach where we didn’t get any darker, I said, let’s go to the SLtanning beds! So we went and set the timer for 20 minutes. But we were so tired from the long day and all that sun that we fell asleep and didn’t hear the timer go off. We woke up 3 hours later!

Please don’t tell me that mommy’s story is ridiculous. I know that! When I said to mommy,

Mmm bweh weh, eh ehhh, ahhh

(do you know how ridiculous it is to claim we bof fell asweep in a tanning bed!?)

Mommy just sticks to her stowy,

We were tired, sweetheart. It was a long day at the beach. We should have gone in the morning instead. Oops!

At least I got cool hair braids out of it! So I’m happy. But I hope mommy doesn’t retcon my life anymore! A baby needs a stable world! Not one where your parents and your body and everything keeps changing! Oh well, my mommy the retconner. At least she bought me ‘n Andromeda a ginormous box of cheerios!

I hope mommy doesn’t start retconning Andi’s life too! Mommy should have her stowy straight by now! Shouldn’t she?

Milk & cheerios at mommy’s coffee shop with Andromeda. Thank the Linden’s that hasn’t changed!
Bath time!
Another day, another diaper. What else is new?
Me ‘n Andi competing for who mommy picks up first!
Mommy making another silly face. I doubt that’ll ever change.
Me ‘n Andromeda having cheerios! That’s daddy, Ze Moo, behind us. Of course he didn’t pick us up! He never holds us! #jerk Anyway, we’re at “Manifestations_nl Island” a place where he organized a big event. That’s pretty cool.
As you can see, we gots new clothes! Andi got a cool pumpkin outfit for halloweenies! And I got an arctic parka with a owl on it!
Auntie Neeva holding me and mommy holding Andi. I guess having your life retconned over and over isn’t really that big a deal as long as there are people who love you and care for you.
Sleeping in mommy’s arms.
Goodnight world!

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