Day 85: Love Beach
Day 85: Love Beach

Day 85: Love Beach

Our World

We are residents of an amazing virtual world. New worlds are being developed with incredible technical specs, but will they have the culture of our world? We don’t know. What we do know is that this is a special, unique, extraordinary place.

We love this world.

We love the avatars that share it with us.

Can you think of a world built as much on User Generated Creativity as SL?

We may never experience a place like this again.

I love this world.

I love my friends here.

I love the myriad strangers I’ve encountered here who have given me a flower or played a game.

I Love You!

Love Beach

For the College of Avatar Architecture’s last week at LEA1 we’ve cleared the sim and invite you to come rez a single prim.

  • Take a selfie
  • Write “I Love You” on it (or anything you like)
  • Come rez a prim @Love Beach @LEA1
  • Put your selfie on your prim
  • Everyone is welcome


Because I love you.

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Sepia-toned portrait of Vanessa Blaylock with text "I Love You"
Love Beach!

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