Love Beach, Sunday
Love Beach, Sunday

Love Beach, Sunday

Love Beach

On Friday we said goodbye to all of the experiments from 3 months of MU’s College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning. Then on Saturday we started rolling out this Love Beach project. And today, Sunday, was our 1st full day of rezzing prims and putting selfies on them.

In the past 8 years I’ve created about 100 projects in VR, mostly here in Second Life. The 1st 50 I called “Virtual Performance Art,” and the recent 50 I’ve called “Virtual Public Art.” I think the most successful projects have been when I’ve found paradigms to empower individual avatars to express their own identity. Their own creativity.

Typically, my idea for Love Beach was ridiculously simple:

  1. Take selfie
  2. Write I Love You on it (or whatever you like)
  3. Rez a cube on the beach
  4. Stick selfie on cube

Very quickly our creative friends took the simple cube to all sorts of creative lengths. Selfie chairs. Hearts burning with love. Cattails blowing in the breeze. An altar of love (and chocolate cupcakes). In addition to selfies, Love Beach is also now home to penguins, seagulls, a crocodile. Please bring more animals!

Love Beach, Sunday

  • Here are a few images from our Sunday at Love Beach.
  • Come visit anytime:
  • We’ll have a big party on Friday – Dance Party, Frog Fight, and anything else you want to do
  • Saturday it all goes poof! and some other creative peeps will do something interesting @LEA1

Thanks so much to LEA, the Linden Endowment for the Arts, for the use of LEA1 and for all their help managing it. The Linden Endowment for the Arts is an amazing gift to VR creativity.

And thank you to all the participants at CAA-VUP & Love Beach! Not only could we have not done it without you… but it would have been pointless without you! Thank you for all your effort & creativity. Thank you for sharing the dream. Thank you for all the love!

  • click any image to see it larger w more detail
  • visit the Love Beach flickr group for even more, and even higher rez, pix
Vanessa Blaylock standing next to a cube bearing her photo and the words "I Love You"
I rezzed a prim

I rezzed a prim!

It’s true.

There have always been “better” worlds than SL. And there are new, awesomer worlds starting to come online. But I can’t think of a place as egalitarian and inclusive as Second Life. It’s a messy world. Inclusiveness is messy. The fact that you can rez a prim… build a home… make your own clothing… sculpt your own body… is an amazing power. All of those “better” worlds are class based worlds. The creative class is different from the user class. We live in a messy, egalitarian, class-free world.

We are the children of a lesser god. We’ve had to make our world ourselves. We are our own demigods of a lost world. We are awake. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the future we will live in better worlds. This world may only be a moment. A moment we may not pass by again.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

Trilby Minotaur at Love Beach at LEA1 in the virtual world of Second Life
Trilby Minotaur IV rezzed a prim
Isabella Medici at Love Beach at LEA1 in Second Life
Izzy rezzed a prim
avatars on the beach at Love Beach
Vanessa Blaylock & Ush Underwood admiring Rory Torrance’s cool “selfie chair”
Dankey Kaang & Burning Bridges
Dankey Kaang & Burning Bridges making out!
Dankey Kaang & Burning Bridges
Dankey Kaang & Burning Bridges rezzed a selfie on a heart with the burning flame of their love!
Yves Klein standing next to photos of himself & Ilse Sporag
Ilse Sporg™ƲєяƖαcк (ilse.pinklady) & Yves Klein rezzed prims!

I first met Ilse Sporg™ƲєяƖαcк (ilse.pinklady) when I did my 24 hour live stream! She was a DJ in Amsterdam then. Now she does custom fingernails!

Admiring Elle Thorkveld's selfie
Admiring Elle Thorkveld’s selfie
Liz Solo, with laser eyes, a blue head, and a latex cammo bodysuit
Liz Solo

Liz said she has the lazer eyes & latex cammo bodysuit because she was working on a commissioned machinima – go Liz!

She also said there’d be an upcoming Odyssey Performance Art festival!

Liz Solo, ETS & Kafkagome Bekkers
Liz Solo, ETS & Kafkagome Bekkers

Kafkagome said that she’s human 6 days of the week, but likes to dress Pony on Saturdays when new Little Pony episodes come out.

black and white photo of avatars working on the beach at Love Beach at LEA1 in Second Life
Rezzin selfies on da beach @Love Beach!
Ilse Sporg™ƲєяƖαcк (ilse.pinklady)
Check out the awesomdsauce fingernails Ilse Sporg™ƲєяƖαcк (ilse.pinklady) makes!
PJ Trenton, Rowan Derryth, ETS
PJ Trenton, Rowan Derryth, ETS
Alegra (hkalegre.koba)
Alegra (hkalegre.koba)
Alegra (hkalegre.koba)
Alegra (hkalegre.koba) rezzed a prim!
Fennet rezzed a prim that says “Don’t forget your leader loves YOU” (and had a picture of Donald Trump)
RMarie Beedit
RMarie Beedit
Vanessa Blaylock & Merriam Galaxy
Vanessa Blaylock & Merriam Galaxy
avatars shooting plastic frogs at each other
Frog Fight!
Ravensong Merlin, ETS & 阿薩斯 (theassas)
Ravensong Merlin, ETS & 阿薩斯 (theassas)
阿薩斯 (theassas)
阿薩斯 (theassas)
Ravensong Merlin rezzed a prim!
Ravensong Merlin rezzed a prim!

A while back I put out a call to create an Avatar Tarot deck. Sadly, I never got enough signups to make the deck. But Ravensong went ahead and created a wonderful Star card for the Major Arcana. Since we didn’t do the tarot deck, she put her Star card on top of her Love Cube.

Ravensong Merlin & Vanessa Blaylock on the beach at Love Beach at LEA1, in Second Life. LEA1 is an LEA "core sim" on an Artist in Residence Land Grant from the Linden Endowment for the Arts.
Ravensong Merlin & Vanessa Blaylock

Thank you all for playing.

I love you,

Vanessa Blaylock's signature

Ravensong Merlin
Ravensong Merlin

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