Love Beach – Art Party – Friday!
Love Beach – Art Party – Friday!

Love Beach – Art Party – Friday!

Our time @LEA1 had come to a close. But not without a big party it hasn’t! We’ve had 3 wonderful months of Medici University’s College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning, capped off with a last week of Love Beach.

On Saturday 1 July, LEA1 will go to some new artist to create wonders there. Which means… on Friday… We Party!

Art Party

6 amazing hours of fun! 5pm – 11pm SLT on Friday 30 June ’17. Only @Love Beach @LEA1!

all times are SLT

  • 5pm – Hour of meditation (Kannonji Zen Retreat – Love Beach annex)
  • 6pm – Frog Fight! I’ll provide the Frog Guns. You can also bring Cheese, Rats, Noobs, or anything else you can throw at your friends
  • 7pm – Hour of Hugs – sponsored by Laserskater institute for World Peace
  • 8pm – Bumper Boats! – boats courtesy of Elle Thorkveld
  • 9pm – Dance Party!!!
  • 11pm – Cake & Clearing the sim

Thanks everyone. It’s been a wonderful adventure! I hope to see you sometime on Friday!

I love you!

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pictures of avatars on a cell phone
Look at what a sweet thing my dweeb boyfriend Ze Moo made! First, he’s not failing to rez, he’s wearing the geeky grey skin he made. Yes, he made eyes, hair, walls, and everything else grey to go with it. Then he stuck a pink plush bear on his head! Then he took pix of us and used them for his cell phone background! Aww!

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