Virtual Amsterdam
23 February 2013

I have another suggestion for your great series of avatar parades: the Glitch Avatar Pride Parade! All avatars with disjunctures, or with unrezzed textures, missing prims, wrong attachments, unsharp, low resolution and other things not working as they are “supposed to” technically! Also, totally grey: hairs, prims, skin. In virtual worlds it’s about learning to love imperfections & failing technologies, glitches, otherwise we’ll never be happy, because technology is never gonna be satisfying if we demand perfection because it will always, glitch! No matter how technological advanced we get, I am convinced of this.

— Ze Moo

Every creative act in human history has at its root, a glitch: an unexpected, unpredictable, chaotic perturbation that took the process in a new and unexpected direction. Every act of human cruelty, all the genocide in human history, have at their roots, an unscratchable urge to destroy the glitch, to make our world a place of perfect rows of dead butterflies. The glitch is life.

— Vanessa Blaylock

fragments of an avatar hover in space, while drinking a juice box, and set against the Amsterdam skyline
VB48 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

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