Virtual New York City
16 February 2013

In RL people usually say children are the most important thing in all the world. Yet our public policy funding so often doesn’t back up our proud claims.

In VR there are numerous child avatars and adults who make loving families with them. Yet so many say that child avatars, just for existing, are “disturbing.” Many VBCO cast members who enjoy so many of our productions will boycott productions including or about child avatars.

Invisible people never get civil rights. The most powerful thing anyone has ever said is “Hello World.” It’s the simplest statement. I am here. I exist. I want to be a part of culture. I want to be appreciated. I am proud to be me. There isn’t anything more fundamental to group identity than a pride parade.

In a world of so much abundance and so many possibilities why are some subcultures still marginalized? And of all the avatars to hate, why children???

VB47Child Avatar Pride Parade is a march of pride. It is a march of joy.

photo of Agnes Sharple licking a lollypop and walking down the sidewalk in New York City
VB47 – Child Avatar Pride Parade – Agnes Sharple with her lollypop

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