Agnes Sharple stands on the campus of virtual Long Island University as the crowd for VB42 Avatar Pride Parade gathers

VB42 – Avatar Pride Parade

Long Island University, Long Beach State, Stanford, San Jose State, Bradley University
12 January 2013

Letting others define your identity is the experience of oppression. Misogynists & Homophobes have done this since forever. So did Joseph McCarthy and Vic Gundotra.

No one should ever be forced to be out about their identity if they don’t choose to be. Still, it can be pretty hard to fight for your human rights if you aren’t out. And if you’re going to be out, what’s better than a Pride Parade!?

A crowd of avatars gathers at the step-off point at Long Island University for the start of VB42, Avatar Pride Parade
VB42 – Avatar Pride Parade