Gallery Xue / NYC
17 March 2012

Sometimes I feel like I have a little Yves Klein standing on my left shoulder, and a little Allan Kaprow standing on my right. Last week for VB34 – Net/Work, the little Klein convinced my to dress up as a conductor and have an orchestra play as avatars applied paint to themselves and pressed up against a canvas of virtuality. Today the little Kaprow reminded me of the power of the smallest possible moment, experienced as fully and deeply and carefully as possible.

Last week was Public Art, not Object Art, still, it was so heroic. So bombastic. Today I tried to slow that all down, to spend time in meditation, and to try to make amends with those my ego has trodden over in the last few years. It was a completely silent work. A few friends came and went. And I wound up reconnecting with Skygirl Klein who I haven’t spoken to since 25 September 2010. It turned out that for the 538 days we didn’t speak we each felt somehow guilty about it all. It’s true that public atonement is in itself performative, still, I felt new, and fresh, and a little bit more whole at the end of this day.

View from the Gallery Xue / NYC 2nd floor looking down into the main space where a number of desk or altar prayer stations are in a circle. Each features someone wronged in the past.
VB35 – Like a Prayer

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