Gallery Xue / Kandahar
10 March 2012

what if we were entering into a new time?
a time when the very systems of control and commerce
that we had believed to be the status quo
were somehow no longer relevant?

what if we were faced with
a new medium,
a new network,
a new system that connected the people and places of the world in a new way?

what if that system is here,
what if that time is now?

– Colin Mulcher, 1999

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Light and space artist Betty Tureaud and performance artist Vanessa Blaylock collaborated for the first time today on Net / Work a massive installation of Wagnerian ambition. In dramatic contrast to Gallery Xue / London’s closet-sized 165 square-meter facility, the Gallery Xue / Kandahar mountain site occupies over 6 hectares of rocky terrain. Utilizing a seemingly limitless budget, Tureaud created visual splendor with myriad optical contrivances that somehow managed to feel organically one with the arid landscape. To this spectacle Blaylock added avatars clad in reflective unitards: some as statues in a mountainside tableaux vivant, some like opal miners popping out of flaming wells, and as a centerpiece, a human tetrahedron where avatars exhibited remarkable, gymnast-like strength in holding the entire configuration together, at some points by the grip of a single hand on the next person’s ankle.

Artists Betty Tureaud and Vanessa Blaylock on the famous "Warhol - Basquiat" boxing poster

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