Biscuit Bay, An Li
18 June 2011

Franco Mattes has stated “you wear a mask because you want to show who you are.” Of all the “masks,” of all the souls, that I have encountered in virtual space, the mask that I have encountered the least is the mask of age. Very few people desire, or are willing to assume that identity. Once a signifier of wisdom, of grace, and of a well honed survival instinct, in contemporary Western culture the mask of age seems only to signify a wilted rose that no one can love. In VB28 – The Seniors Project we imagine our avatars in these future identities of wilted wisdom.

VBCO Cast Members stand on the central mosaic at VBCO Villa at Biscuit Bay, An Li. Each cast member has imagined their future as an avatar senior citizen.
VB28 – The Seniors Project

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