Grand Ballroom / The Rose Theatre
4 June 2011

In this virtual ritual we reconsider the nature of marriage in both the physical and virtual worlds. Why does the putatively deepest, most personal, most spiritual bonding between people require or even tolerate sanction by church or state? Who cares whether church or state approves of marriage between your ethnicities, genders, orientations, or substrates? Today we perform the simplest ritual possible. No priest. No legal documents. Nothing more than a global group of human beings (4 continents) assembled in one virtual room. We stand together for an hour. And then it is done. Or begins…

Bride Vanessa Blaylock, Groom Ze Moo, and their wedding party stand on the staircase of the Grand Ballroom, Covent Garden, London. The women are all dressed in white and the men are all dressed in black.
VB27 – Un/Wedding2.0

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