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Saturday 5 September 2020 10-11 am SLT

You are invited to be “2003” or “2020” and “Dressed” or “Naked”.

The first question many avatars ask is, “I wasn’t in SL in 2003!” By “2003” I don’t mean the avatar you wore in 2003. Here’s what everything means:

  • 2003” = System Avatar (non-mesh body & head) (any year)
  • 2020” = Mesh Avatar (body & head) (any year)
  • Naked” = no clothes or shoes. You can still wear tats or jewelry if you like
  • Dressed” = wearing clothes. As much or little as suits you.

Your “2003” avatar could be “very 2003” with an early skin or even “Ruth.” Or, your “2003” avatar could be much more contemporary wearing a system body, but a “nice” skin from a commercial maker or an Open Source skin from someone like Eloh Eliot.

If you go “2003,” Dressed or Naked, don’t forget to consider resurrecting that marvelous old, high render cost, but gloriously effervescent Flexi Hair of yore!

If you want early avatars, or early avatar parts, just go to the bottom of your inventory:

Library > Clothing > Older Outfits

Saturday Performance

• Plan if you will be 2003/Naked, 2003/Dressed, 2020/Naked, or 2020/Dressed, and set your outfit out for the performance.

• Come a few minutes before 10 am SLT if you’re able to, and stand in the appropriate square.

• Your Stand – if you are familiar with the VB Performances of yesteryear, you may know that we used pose balls to position participants. This is NOT that. Pick the square you’d like to stand in and stand there. You might pick one Stand from your AO or collection of stands. A still or nearly still Stand is probably best, but the choice is yours. If you’d like help shopping for a stand, give Vanessa a shout.

11 am SLT – the performance space is just 10 meters from Vanessa’s Place: coffee+conversation. After the performance you’re invited to join everyone for coffee, croissants, and conversation.


If you’re at all tempted to participate in the performance – you should!

However, participation is not required to attend. If you’d prefer to stand outside the 4 squares and view the performance, that’s fine too.

c u l t u r e i s v i r t u a l

VB 210 – Dressed/Naked, 2003/2020

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