VB15 – Gracie / Kris

Eostara’s Contemporary Art
6 March 2010

Through her virtual life and her blog My Life as an Avatar Gracie Kendal has attempted to integrate the power she feels in her Second Life with the lack of power she feel in her First Life. In VB15 – Gracie / Kris we explore the matrix of life possibilities. VB/CO Avatar Designer NightOwl Meridoc worked with Gracie to create a series of avatar shapes that morphed from her slender virtual shape to her heavier physical shape, and a range of outfits from “painter” to “club goer.”

The sway from realism to romanticism has been a powerful pendulum axis in both art and life with voices like Charles Baudelaire challenging artists to depict “real” life as real people actually live it, even as voices like Dale Wasserman chant “maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.”

VB15 - Gracie / Kris
VB15 – Gracie / Kris

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