Amacci Courtyard
13 February 2010

With weapons of mass destruction, our new century offers us Genetic, Nano, and Robotic threats, even as the old Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threats remain as virulent as ever. So too with chauvinism, this new century brings new forms of marginalization even as the old forms still oppress people. Those who choose to be “furry” in the virtual world are sometimes discriminated against because of their “species” just as avatars in general are discriminated against by the likes of Facebook because their substrate happens to be bits instead of atoms. All this as we continue to make slow progress redressing the racism, misogyny, and homophobia that tarnish our culture. In this simple performance we celebrate a bit more diversity than one sometimes sees in the virtual world.

wide shot of naked avatars in a checkerboard of ethnicities standing in a large outdoor courtyard
VB14 – Gingham

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