Petruchio (Temple of Apollo / Ancient Greece)
15 August 2009

From the Broken Man 16,000 years ago in the Lascaux cave to Neo in The Matrix and with stops along the way including The Oracle at Delphi, Stephen Hawking, and many others, humankind has always felt the special presence of those with one foot in this reality and one in another. In VB07 – I Advance Masked, we explore the theme of perceiving more thru seeing less. Ever since the 60’s people have entertained the myth that we only use 10% of our brain… but are we really more than 10% present in anything we do? In an age of continuous partial attention our fetishized Oracle may be more present and perceptive than any “normal” person dares to experience.

a masked avatar stands atop a Greek column
VB07 – I Advance Masked

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