Scarf design competition winner Boofy Halfpint and John Lester, Evangelist, market development, Linden Lab Inc. look on as the Vanessa Blaylock Company cast perform VB06 - Golden / Red at the St. Leo University main art gallery on their virtual Florida campus.

VB06 – Golden / Red

St. Leo University, Main Art Gallery
7 July 2009

Florida’s St. Leo University invited us to create a performance for the main art exhibition space on their virtual campus. I used the recently released Looklet wardrobe design tool to create a look for Golden / Red which included a Missoni scarf worn as a top. With St. Leo we organized a fashion design competition to create a virtual scarf for the performance. Designers took the Missoni knit as inspiration, and Boofy Halfpint was eventually awarded the design prize & commission.

Realizing that in our first 5 performances our cast had stood mostly motionless for almost 30 hours, I created rest animations and allowed individual cast members to stand, squat, or lie on the floor at their own discretion.

Vanessa Blaylock and St. Leo Lions Zimmer present Scarf Design Competition winner Boofy Halfpint with a "big check" for L$3,000
VB06 – Golden / Red