Watching Micol’s Talk on Sunday
Watching Micol’s Talk on Sunday

Watching Micol’s Talk on Sunday

Hi Micol!

For anyone who’d like to see your “Generosity & Feminism in Art” talk on Sunday, the easiest way to do it is simply to drop by at Noon California time on Sunday and enjoy the event!

screen cap of interface
Broadcast on

Your Very Own Avatar!

The live stream should be great for anyone who wants to see your talk. However, if anyone would like to be “physically” or, haha, “virtually physically” there on the Medici University campus with you and us, that’s also free & easy to do:

screen cap of Second Life web home page
Just drop by and click “Play for Free”
screen cap of Second Life sign up page showing a choice of avatars
They’ll be presented with a bunch of “starter avatars” and can pick which one they like. SL Avatars can be customized endlessly! You can change hair, body image, ethnicity, gender, species, whatever you like. But for listening to your talk, one of the noob avatars should fit visitors just fine. (we can help if anyone would like anything special)
Screen cap of Second Life sign up page showing "Create a Username"
Then they pick a name. It could be an RL name, an Internet handle, a fantasy name, etc
Screen cap of Second Life sign up page showing  email, date of birth, etc
They can login with Facebook, or enter the usual info.
screen cap of second life signup page showing free and premium options
Pick “Free”!
screen cap of second life website showing viewer download screen
Last step is to download the Second Life Viewer (for Windows / Mac / Linux)
Screen cap of Firestorm viewer download page
What viewer a visitor uses doesn’t really matter, however instead of the “official” viewer in the previous frame, some of the cool kids and I prefer to visit and use the cool “third party” Firestorm Viewer. Also free.

That’s it! Then just login, come to campus, and hang out!

For your avatar Micol, we’ll already have her at Medici University at “Collaborateopolis” where your talk will be. For anyone who makes a new account, their first “rez” will be at a little orientation island that teaches you how to walk with arrow keys, etc. They can take that short tour or skip it. Either way they can use this link to head to campus:

See you Sunday Micol!

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