SLEA Proposal: Flash Fiction Island
SLEA Proposal: Flash Fiction Island

SLEA Proposal: Flash Fiction Island

Flash Fiction Island

Flash Fiction Island will be a public art space in Second Life where Artists, Writers, and Interested Public can interact, explore virtual creativity, and collaborate on projects.

  • Full Region Request (or any other size)
  • 2-month request (or any other duration)

Week 1

The first week will be devoted to terraforming, ground texturing, parceling, and creating walkways between 16-24 individual spaces.

Weeks 2-8


For each of the following 7 weeks a very general theme will be set and SL residents may claim one of the approximately 20 parcels. They’ll have Monday-Thursday to build whatever they are inspired to build.


Then on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Writers in SL, and perhaps writers beyond SL, will be invited to come be inspired by the builds and produce works of flash fiction in response to any one of the builds. We’ll document images of the creations and the text of written pieces on a website.


On Monday morning we clear the region, apply new ground textures, launch the new theme, and invite SL residents to come create.

Public Space

  • All installations will be open to all Friday-Sunday
  • Visitors are also welcome during the Monday-Thursday creation days
  • We will also schedule regular interaction events:

Walking Tour Saturdays

Saturdays will feature informal tours of the region with builders offering a few thoughts about their creations.

Digital Campfire Sundays

On Sundays we’ll have a few “voice volunteers” read the pieces that have been written so far that week.


The weekly themes may be cultural, personal, or conceptual. “Climate Change”, “Things I wish I knew when I was younger”, “I will always love you”, “The spontaneous ballet of the street”, “Cadmium Red”, and so on.

Theme Suggestion Box

We’ll install a suggestion box for builders, writers, and other guests to offer suggestions for the next themes.

A Few Theme Ideas

  • Walt Disney in Cryostore
  • A Shelf of Princess Heads
  • Mistakes that changed everything
  • Love Beach
  • Frogs
  • Impossible IRL
  • Impossible Architecture
  • Virtual Architecture
  • Outdoor Living
  • A home of one’s own
  • The 2020 that might have been

Thank You!

Thank you for your consideration!
Good luck & best wishes, SLEA!

~ Vaneeesa Blaylock




Oopsy… “Coral Atoll”! 😀

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