Fiona’s Airstream: Somewhere in N. America
Fiona’s Airstream: Somewhere in N. America

Fiona’s Airstream: Somewhere in N. America

Who Pays Rent?

I recently saw my sister Fiona for the 1st time in 18 months. She has a way of turning up when there’s free rent in the offing. During those brief spans when we’ve lived together, like in NYC or Port-au-Prince, she’stended to disappear right around the time the rent’s due. Who flies from NYC to Zurich to save paying rent money!?

Shiny, sparkling, silver Airstream hitched to an unidentified vehilcle and with a very beach ready FIona Blaylock in a swimsuit and sitting on top of the Airstream's propane tanks.
Fiona sitting on her Airstream.

Hello Fiona.

Anyway, she came to Medici University before there even was a Medici University. It was right after the Linden Endowment for the Arts had given Isabella Medici her region and there wasn’t a single artist’s studio there. So I told Fiona she could park her Airstream (luxury recreational vehicle, “RV”) there. She asked about a skybox and I guess I wasn’t fully informed about the whole no-fly, no-teleport, no-skybox thing yet. My bad. So when Isabella very politely returned Fiona’s 2 prims worth of skybox, did Fiona take one of the lovely studios and set up her Airstream?

Of course not.

She bolted.

Goodbye Airstream!

She sped off, hurt, pissed off, and filled with fury. She drove her little Airstream, with her Alienware laptop up front, to god knows what city. Presumably somewhere in North America, but who knows!?

Now she just sits at her Alienware and pecks out little messages about how hurt, and cheated, and lied to she feels.

Interior view of Fiona Blaylock's Airstream luxury recreational vehicle
Inside Fiona’s Airstream.

I’m sorry sis. Come home!



Do your relatives pull shit like this on you?

Vanessa Blaylock's signature

Fiona Blaylock, and Vanessa Blaylock sit together on a sofa. Fiona's blonde hair, and Vanessa's dark hair, are both heavily teased to enormous volume. Fiona's hand and Vanessa's hand meet in front of them where together, they hold a crystal ball.
Happier Times: Fiona and I at the short-lived “Blaylock’s Palmistry” in Port-au-Prince.


  1. fiona

    excuse me and HELLLOOOOOO
    my lil sis is, once again, projecting her wah wah on to me. Since she feels compelled to air the family problems in open forum, allow me to give your readers a lil perspective.
    As usual, V offered me a place to park THE FAMILY airstream, which was left to me, as she got all the money to go to college, on her new sim. After hitching up, and driving all the way to LEA from NoCal, in my spot was a giant HEAD with some kind of monkey go round on top of it. Of course I put up a sky box, who wouldn’t. oh yes, and about that alienware??? Well, ask lil sis who got the fancy dame computer with all the bells and whistles? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, Vanny, just get over it.

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