And then I was born!
And then I was born!

And then I was born!

Hello World!

Hiya, Planet SL! Baby Earth has arrived! I was born on 19 June 2020! What a happy day!

Here I am at Uncle Timo’s Varney Sandbox and, haha, big surprise, Mommy is making a silly face!

I sure hope mommy is doing a better job of putting L$ in my college fund than she is at remembering to feed me and change my diapers! Time flies by fast in SL and I don’t wanna be left out!

Anyway, join me on my fun (I hope!) adventures.

Some people say I’m a real baby. Some people say I’m a “scripted object”. But then, look at all that biological “scripting” that makes fleshvatars do so many curious and silly things! Are we really so different? Maybe not! Love is love, isn’t it? Please visit me and share my life! I love you!

Mmmm bweh weh! Ehhh, eh, ahhh!

Silly Pictures with Mommy

I know I’m supposed to be the baby, but mommy likes to take silly pictures. She made cardboard flames for this!

Hanging out at Vanessa’s Place with Mommy

This is mommy’s first coffee shop at Truro in Bay City. I know I’m just a baby, but IDK how mommy makes any money? I never see her serve customers. She just drinks tea and eats donuts. Lots and lots of donuts. Shhhhh! Don’t tell her, but I lick ALL the donuts as soon as they arrive in the morning! Mmmmmmm, donuts!

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