91 Days: Day 1 @College of Avatar Architecture
91 Days: Day 1 @College of Avatar Architecture

91 Days: Day 1 @College of Avatar Architecture

MU College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning

CAA-VUP (pronounced “Cave-up”) opened today! It’s a 3 month, 91 day, residency (1 April 30 June) at LEA1.

Izzy wrote a nice post describing the College, our goals, and how things will work:

avatars dancing at a radio tower
Dancing at Emma’s Radio Tower

A few people started installing at LEA1 today. Then Emma put in a radio tower and the whole thing turned into a dance party — imagine that! Oh, a 100-meter-up dance party, since it didn’t take long for us to find ourselves dancing on top of the radio tower.

selenium toned headshot of Agnes Sharple wearing sunglasses and a white shirt
Agnes Sharple
Avatars dancing on a small platform on top of a 100 meter tall radio tower
Dancing on top of Emma’s Radio Tower

A lot happened for Day One!

One day down… 90 more to go.

I’m excited to see what unfolds in the coming days.

  • Avatar Architecture – let’s explore what architecture can be free of the constraints, traditions, and baggage of RL.
  • Virtual Urban Planning – avatars can simply live by teleporting from place to place. Like driving a car. But with less lag. But just as Jane Jacobs worried that cars cut across neighborhoods and communities, so I worry about teleporting limiting the development of neighborhoods. Lets see if we an create true VR Urban Spaces of interaction and community.

See you tomorrow!

Vanessa Blaylock's signature

Photo of Vanessa Blaylock & Agnes Sharple at the College of Avatar Architecture at LEA1 in Second Life
I’m sharp(le). Agnes is a little soft. Oh, and I’m wearing a “bottle-crown” that Trilby made. There’s a dispenser lady at LEA1 that gives out free copies.