Day 2: Air Supremacy
Day 2: Air Supremacy

Day 2: Air Supremacy

Day 2 really went vertical. My own lighthouse might have been tall for 5 seconds, but yesterday it was dwarfed by Emma Maybe’s cloud-piercing radio tower. And less than a day later Chris Craft put in a Space Needle that shot another 60 meters of vertical ascent past Emma!

view of the College of Avatar Architecture @LEA1 and featuring 3 towers of different heights
Tower Wars

Measured from the bottom of the ocean at 0m:

  1. ETS Lighthouse deck: +45m
  2. Emma’s Radio Tower top: +85m
  3. Chris Craft’s Space Needle observation deck: +145m
5 avatars stand in a clearing
Emma Maybe, Isadora Ayala, ETS, RMarie Beedit & Pearl Grey

We had an avatar confab in the evening. Discussed possible Architecture workshops and other ideas.

Ivy Tivianne & Vanessa Blaylock in a clearing
Ivy Tivianne (ruby frost)

Later Ivy came by and said that my ideas for CAA are probably nuts.

So much of our VR Architecture is unnecessarily yolked to RL considerations. We’re so familiar with RL issues, needs, and possibilities, that perhaps we don’t even know how VR is different.

For example, IRL you need a roof on your house to keep out sun, rain, and robbers. In VR you don’t have that need.

— VB

Ivy says nope. There’s tons of griefers in SL and you definitely need a roof.

  • 2 days down.
  • 89 to go!

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A small clearing with flowers and seating
A fantastic CAA @LEA1 rest, meditation & conversation spot installed by Elle Thorkveld