Auntie Aero & Black Dragon Viewer
Auntie Aero & Black Dragon Viewer

Auntie Aero & Black Dragon Viewer

Aunt Aero

Here’s a photo of me with my Auntie Aero!

(to learn more about Auntie Aero, check out my previous post: Mommy the Retconner)

Auntie is loving and awesome (unlike Daddy Ze Do-I-know-you Moo, Auntie actually holds me!) AND, she also knows how to use compuders! She uses a turbo Second Life viewer called Black Dragon!

Black Dragon

NiranV is the creator of Black Dragon. Most peeps say it’s a bit harder to use than Firestorm or other SL viewers, but everybody thinks it’s rockin for taking photos.

By “rockin” I guess they mean different things, but the graphics and lighting controls are endless.

Another thing that Black Dragon does is let you pose yourself! No more making 50 different animations in Poser and uploading them 1-by-1 till you get your arm where you actually want it! Now you just position your actual SL arm in SL where you want it.

AND… you can also pose the Animesh attached to you too! Any kind of animesh, but most importantly, animesh babies like meeeee!

Liddle babies like me don’t get too much training at the Zooby Finishing School (ZFS) before the stork drops you off from the DNA Lab to waiting (but too pretty to actually get pregnant) mommy. I did learn how to blow a kiss at ZFS, but I never got to move my arm up high and wave like this! With Black Dragon, move a few sliders, BOOM, arm in motion! I’M ALIVE!

Oh, BTW, only you can see the posing you do to yourself or your animesh in your Black Dragon viewer. Nobody else can see it in their viewer. So it’s no good for walking around, but it’s the way to go for taking happy pictures!

Auntie Aero is so turbo!

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