SL Mainland, Leda Sim, Yadni’s Junkyard
2 February 2013

13 months go we celebrated The Noob with VB30 – Born Again, and in fact 4 years ago Vanessa Blaylock Company was launched with a tableau vivant of the common “Girl Next Door” noob avatar in VB01 – Girl Next Door.

In VB01 we thought about this ubiquitous avatar as a work of sculptural installation. In VB30 we tried to “help” 0-day old avatars in any way we could (it was hard!) and today in VB45 we returned to our own noob avatars, or reimaginings of them, for a parade around the SL Mainland with a start & finish line at a place where so many noobs have found a way to become a more complete member of the culture: Yadni’s Junkyard.

Noob Pride Parade Machinima by Fuschia Nightfire

photo of a noob avatar sleeping or AFK: standing hunched over

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