Biscuit Bay, An Li
23 April 2011
5:00pm Sat – 12:08am Sun GMT

Six months and four days ago, after a fallout with The Burning Man Organization, my virtual life came to an end with an ascension to another virtual dimension. Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, I have roamed the virtual night in an effort to make sense of these planes of existence. As Easter drew near it seemed time to experience virtual corporeality again for the first time. Not a “resurrection,” but simply a “return” to old and new places with old and new friends. For 7 hours and 8 minutes I visited one-to-one with any residents that chose to come and talk. I still have a predilection for the heroic performance, but also now an insight and desire to find the power and truth in the smallest possible actions.

Heathers Miles and Vanessa Blaylock sitting on the beach and having a private conversation
VB25 – Resurrection

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