VB22-1/2 – Ascension
VB22 – The House with the Ocean View

Virtual Black Rock City
16 September – 19 October, 2010

Initially planned as an around-the-clock 9-day virtual world realization of Marina Abramovic’s The House with the Ocean View, when this VBCO performance was banned by an authoritarian Burning Man Organization, VBCO Artistic Director Vaneeesa Blaylock contemplated avatar suicide, eventually choosing a somewhat more elegant Ascension as a pile of autumn leaves.

In the following months, various sightings of Ms. Blaylock were reported from a diverse range of virtual worlds such as Blue Mars, World of Warcraft, and a variety of “clone grids,” most notably OS Grid and InWorldz, where she apparently found a part-time job teaching yoga and cultural values to young avatars.


a pile of maple leaves floating upward in the sky
VB22-1/2 Ascension
Teaching Yoga & Values on another corporeal dimension.
Teaching Yoga & Values on another corporeal dimension.

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