R is for “Rabalder” (Dance Anywhere)
R is for “Rabalder” (Dance Anywhere)

R is for “Rabalder” (Dance Anywhere)

Avatar Life in the 26 letters of the Alphabet
First 26 days of April 2014

R is for “Rabalder” (Dance Anywhere)

Soundtrack: Waiting for Deconstruction, by Onlymeith
Vocals: Suzi Q. Smith

Avatar Alphabet: R is for Rabalder: B&W photo of Rabalder & Monerda dancing in the fountain at Trafalgar Square, London
Rabalder & Monerda

Rabalder & the VBCO Dancers Live @Trafalgar Square, London

Aero Bigboots
Agnes Sharple
Apmen Goosson
Baby Mattes
BlackSnake Nightfire
Chryste Roxan
Coffee Queen
DJ Haraway
Esra’a Al Shafei
Germaine Dufaux
Gina Broono
Herald Fotherington
Jazzminh Moore
Josephine Delvalle
Laurel Leavitt
Loulou Oddson
Midori Walamai
Monerda Skute
Pennyroyal Calamity
Pippi Petrolhead
Pixel Reanimator
Rahu Hero
Roxy (Chryste Rox)
Skygirl Kline
Spirit Radikal
Suzi Capra
Taylor Carolina
Torric Rodas
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Wally Wallis
Xue Faith

Full Credits: iRez

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