P is for “Peggy Sue”
P is for “Peggy Sue”

P is for “Peggy Sue”

Avatar Life in the 26 letters of the Alphabet
First 26 days of April 2014

P is for “Peggy Sue”

Soundtrack: Dance of the Pixels, by Doxent Zsigmond
Sound Sculpture: Daruma Picnic
Animation: Francis Chung
Venue: Vista Hermosa Art Center: Esparanza Freese / Soundsmith Kamachi

Wardrobe: Peggy Sue by Kai Heideman
Makeup: Eloh Eliot
Prop Master: Tami-Lynn Mason
Hair: Jas Ebbage


Autopilotpatty Poppy
Cordelia Walamai
Friday Blaisdale
Jami Mills
Justine Gearz
Nightowl Meridoc
Valerie Fierenza
Vanessa Blaylock
Zola Zsun

Full Credits: iRez / Peggy Sue

Avatar Alphabet: P is for Peggy Sue: Friday, Jami and Night all dressed as identical "Peggy Sue's" in Kai Heideman's mid-century nostalgia inspired explosion of color.

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