Pedestrian Access: LEA SIM Handover
Pedestrian Access: LEA SIM Handover

Pedestrian Access: LEA SIM Handover

Aerial view of the 4 regions, LEA22, LEA23, LEA24, LEA25 in the virtual world Second LIfe.

Gracie Kendal, Izzy Medici, Lemonodo Oh, and Misprint Thursday are the 4 virtual artists installing works at LEA22, 23, 24 & 25 in the Virtual World Second Life. Their 4 installations: Ce n’est pas une peinture, Medici University, Borderline, and Amplituhedron comprise the Pedestrian Access project, a diverse set of installations, dedicated to an accessible, walkable, pedestrian-friendly, 26 hectare site. The LEA Committee has given us access to the sites on 1 January, and the first stirrings of activity have already begun.

Pedestrian Access: SIM Handover: aerial view of Gracie Kendal / Kris Schomaker's LEA22 region in Second Life
Poor Gracie has had internet problems! But here is LEA22 as it is today, brimming with anticipation.
LEA23 Sim Handover: Medici University - a mostly blank region with a circular display of structores
Izzy Medici has committed to providing studio space to every single Medici University student. Here is the first sketching of the campus layout.
Pedestrian Access SIM Handover: aerial view of Lemonodo Oh's Montara recreation at LEA24
Lemonodo Oh is recreating the topography of RL Montara. Here you see topographic mesh that Lemonodo’s imported. Underneath it is the ground of LEA24 that he’s terraforming up to meet it. Izzy is giving him terraforming access to Medici University so that the can make the regions continuous and walkable.
Columns, sculptures, and fountains at the middle of the LEA25 region in Second Life
At LEA25 Misprint Thursday has begun the first steps in her “Amplituhedron” exploration.

Thank you to the LEA Committee for your faith in these innovative projects and for an easy and fast sim handover.

Ping me anytime you’d like to head over to Pedestrian Access and go for a walk!

Best wishes in 2015,

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