Maria, you’ve gotta see her!
Maria, you’ve gotta see her!

Maria, you’ve gotta see her!

Plan-view map of the 6 neighborhoods of Medici University, featuring the Maria Neighborhood, and 5 others
MU Maria, and some other neighborhoods at Medici University.


The 93 Artist’s Studios at Medici University are grouped into 6 neighborhoods: Aurelia, Camilla, Maria, Nostradamus, Tullia, and Vashti.

What’s in a Neighborhood?

It’s remarkable how each neighborhood seems to take on it’s own personality. The quirkiness of Aurelia; the populism of Camilla; the Instutionalism of Nostradamus; the reluctance to ever actually move in of Tullia, and the remote, wilderness quality of Vashti.

Maria Neighborhood

Among these many MU neighborhoods stands one that is truly unique. A special place. Not for everyone. But for those with the courage and vision, a neighborhood that will let you soar to the highest heights, and dive to the deepest depths. No other MU neighborhood traverses such contrasts from mountains to sea; no other MU neighborhood straddles the Eleonora Gorge with its tiny studio outposts facing straight into the eye of the sublime: Maria.

You Are a Star!

The roster of Maria residents is like a who’s who of individuals of creativity and conviction. Sure, if you’re here to party, you might have a fun time in Camilla or Nostradamus, but for those who aren’t afraid to face whatever this virtual life might hold in store for them, there is no experience like the Maria experience:

Poor Everybody Else

On this page I’ve shared just a few of the many Maria music videos out there. I actually did look for Aurelia, Camilla, Nostradamus, Tulla, and Vashti songs, but gosh! I couldn’t find any. Perhaps it’s unfair to expect those other neighborhoods to inspire so many people to sing and shout. Not everyone can live in Maria!

This last video below is really sweet: a bunch of kids from some remote, country college called Harvard. Poor things are so poor they can’t even afford instruments! Yet even in their poverty they still dream. They dream of one day being able to attend Medici University. They dream of one day living in a place called Maria.

O, to dream!

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Maria Neighborhood: Studio Door Card for Maria 7
Maria, you’ve gotta see her!


  1. Neeva Torok

    When I moved into Maria 4 my whole life changed. I won the lottery, got a promotion at work, and was featured on the cover of a national magazine/blog/mega-website. Then, just yesterday, I was contacted to star in a major motion picture. I love being one of the Marias. It’s the BEST thing to ever happen to me.

    1. Zacktly Neeva! It just goes that way for us Marias! I noticed you on the cover of Who’s Who @MU:

      and I have to say your complexion looks more radiant than ever! All that childhood acne seems like such a distant memory now.

      Remember that with great gifts comes great responsibility, so be sure to reach out to the poor slobs who have to live in Nostradamus. Never forget that they’re human beings too! Try to pay some of your good fortune forward. Make the world a better place! Make the world a Maria place!!

      BTW, I’m Maria 7, which Maria are you Neeva?

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