Limoncello Gallery News
Limoncello Gallery News

Limoncello Gallery News

If you wander outside the courtyard of the LG Tower, you’ll see we built on the ruins of Castle Nanga. Second Life is too modern for a history-sodden Brit like me to take its past seriously but there is at least a little pixel-pedigree here. I thought you might like to see Castle Nanga in its heyday.

Castle Nanga, circa 2009

We scan visitor profiles to pick out artists who come to our gallery. Then we make a point of checking out their work if it’s new to us. This week’s addition to the collection is an example of this. Dave visited Sheba Blitz’s Gallery after she visited ours and was much taken with her work. She makes hand-painted mixed media “mandala” pieces, combining (in her own words) “symmetrical geometrical design and sacred mystical symbols. He bought one, called “Crescent Moon Mandala”, which now hangs in the Limoncello Art Gallery in Bellisseria.

“To Infinity and Beyond” is ready to open

Our new special exhibition in the LG Tower features both old and new work by Cate Infinity. Cate was active as an artist in SL years ago and recently returned. We have a couple of her old works and have been asking her to show more for some time. She wouldn’t do it until she’d put together some new work too. We will announce the official opening party shortly but you are welcome to come see the show at any time.

We also have another special exhibition in preparation. It will feature the art of Kisma Stepanich Reidling and we expect to open in mid-February. If you can’t wait, you can see her work in our permanent collection or you can visit her own gallery.

Eylinea Seabird’s spectacular installation is still available for your enjoyment at our 3D Special Exhibition Space. You’ll wonder what the fuss is about unless you set to midnight and enable the Advanced Lighting Model (ALM). Once you do, you’ll love it. Go into mouselook and walk around!

“Roni Revisited”, our Ronda Saunders retrospective continues, until March 31 in the Jishnu Room for Special Exhibitions in Bellisseria.

I would love to hear your comments or suggestions. Are there gaps in our collection? Artists you think should feature in a special exhibition? Are you an artist looking for somewhere to show your work? Can you suggest galleries for our recommendations board in the lobby of the LG Tower? Don’t be shy! IM me or drop me a notecard in-world. If you take photos at the gallery or our events, please post them to the “Limoncello Friends” Flickr group. If you post them elsewhere, please IM me with a link.

Stay arty!

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