Jane’s Cyberspace Walk #1
Jane’s Cyberspace Walk #1

Jane’s Cyberspace Walk #1


Myra Wildmist on Jane's Walk
Myra Wildmist

In 2014, Jane’s Walk took place across 6 continents, 25 countries, 134 cities, and in the form of over 1000 walks. And all 134 cities were, where else, on earth! An hour ago about 25 participants finished the 1st ever Jane’s Walk, no, not in outer space, but in Cyberspace!

avatars at Medici University at LEA23 in Second Life
Walkers gathered outside Chaplain Beedit’s studio.

In a 90 minute walk, about 16 in-world avatars and another 9 viewers watching the live stream on Twitch.tv walked about half of the Medici University campus at the LEA23 region of Second Life.

Medici University‘s evolution in the past 4 months has been rapid and dramatic and we found ourselves already sharing stories of early developments on campus. Who created what and where someone moved. The vision. The redesigns. The new friends. The altered career paths. It was a wonderful day.

Calliope & Trilby in a video frame with a chat window around them.
Calliope Lexington & Trilby Minotaur. Screen capture of the live broadcast of our Jane’s Walk on Twitch.tv

Because walking is so fundamental for me personally, I was eagerly anticipating Jane’s Walk. What I was less sure about was how many people would use this opportunity to reflect and share details from our brief but already rich history. Trilby taking 1st prize in Veyot’s car rally, and so many other gems.

Our 1st Cyberspace Jane’s Walk did what Jane’s Walks, and Jane Jacobs life and work, have always done: share and celebrate the diversity of our neighborhoods and build stronger, more robust communities.

We have 4 more walks at Medici University this weekend. And 1 or 2 people thinking of adding still more. What exciting times!

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