G is for “Gallery Weekend Berlin”
G is for “Gallery Weekend Berlin”


          1. We need to find her and tickle her into submission! I just realised I have two H’s and two I’s ready! One of the H’s could also be an I and one of the I’s could also be a P! But I already HAVE a P! And I haven’t done Peeps or pastels yet! Not to mention, J, K, L, M, N and O are sadly lacking.

            Yes, that woman needs to understand that sometimes we need a few multiples in our lives 😉

          2. Yes, yes, all very complicated! I wanted to save Hair for W is for Wig… but I didn’t have an H… so there it went… I could have done H is for Heels, but S is for Shoes seems more inclusive. But that means S can’t be “Strut” so it will have to be W is for Walk instead!

            Why does it have to be so complicated!?

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