Day 5: Impossible Architecture & a New Font
Day 5: Impossible Architecture & a New Font

Day 5: Impossible Architecture & a New Font

Elizabeth Taylor Swift stands on a bridge crossing a small stream at LEA1
On Chris Craft’s “Rainbow Bridge”

Chris Craft

For most of this 1st week here @LEA1 Chris Craft (Chris Craft Undercroft) has been quietly working away on a small sandbar on the North Coast of LEA1. The sandbar is a low, narrow strip that sits between two major tributaries of the Lea River. There he first erected his massive Space Needle. Then in the following days as the Space Needle got progressively shorter he’s added his MC Escher Impossible Stairs, The Ames Room, a beautiful red Pagoda, and most recently, a Rainbow Bridge.

a pagoda sits on the north shore of the College of Avatar Architecture at LEA1
Chris Craft’s Red Pagoda
Elizabeth Taylor Swift stands on the deck of a tall pagoda with a busy virtual world skyline behind her
Top level of Chris Craft’s Pagoda Tower. Featuring those damn LEA2 curtain walls in the background.
Elizabeth Taylor Swift standing on the Observation Deck with the wide, blue ocean behind her
Observation Deck of Chris Craft’s Space Needle
Photo of Elizabeth Taylor Swift walking sideways through an MC Escher Impossible Staircase
Chris Craft’s MC Escher “Impossible Room”. At the entrance you can get a free pair of “Gravity Boots” that allow you to walk through the different levels & directions of stairs – so trippy!
Elizabeth Taylor Swift walking inside Chris Craft's Ames Room
You remember those funky optical illusion “Ames Rooms” where the short kid & tall adult change places & change heights from your view outside the room? Chris Craft built a VR version! Very cool. Bring your friends! Walk around! Be amazed!

Prim Heroes

In a prim limited world, where we often rent small parcels with modest prim budgets, we learn to scrimp and save. To build efficiently. To be selfish and greedy about prims. But here at MU’s College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning we’ve got 18,901 prims to work with. And we’ve already said we’ll reset the place a few times during our 3-month residency so that we can start new explorations and experiments. So in this world, using a lot of prims doesn’t make you a prim hog, it makes you a CAA-VUP prim hero!

Here are our Top 5 Prim Heroes for Day 5:

  1. Chris Craft, 697
  2. Olive, 325
  3. Emma, 152
  4. Elizabeth Taylor Swift, 139
  5. Trilby Minotaur IV, 135

Prim Update

  • Used: 2,047
  • Capacity: 18,901
  • Available: 16,854


  • 5 Days Down.
  • 86 Days to Go!

Thank you everyone for being a part of MU’s College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning.

See you on campus,

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type sample of the font "Too Much Ink" designed by Cake
Meanwhile, Cake designed a font! It’s called “Too Much Ink”, and it’s a blocky, oldschool video-gamey font. You can have it for free! Or you can leave her a little tip if you like. Avatars rez prims and make clothes all the time. Cake is the 1st avatar I know of to design a font. Rock on! More Cake!

image: Nottingham Zine Fair, 2011