Challenge #1: Avatar in a Box
Challenge #1: Avatar in a Box

Challenge #1: Avatar in a Box

I swear I wasn’t even thinking of anything creepy when I came up with this challenge idea! I was just thinking about all the exciting Christmas packages peeps were giving each other yesterday, and now today on Boxing Day, we either give “Christmas Boxes” out, or Box-up all our decorations. Box, box, box! How could my mind not think of Hugh Kretschmer‘s 2006 art/fashion piece Special Delivery where he lovingly assembles outfits and body parts in a box. And from there, it wasn’t hard to get to avatar in a box.

For 2015 all the Friday Challenges will be inspired by an artist, living or dead. With today’s Hugh Kretschmer challenge we’re getting a week’s head start on it! Be sure to use the comments below if you’d like to suggest an artist to use on a Friday Artist Challenge.

Avatar in a Box: Hugh Kretschmer's 2006 photograph "Special Delivery" depicting 2 people in parts in shipping crates and wearing stylish apparel.

Your Challenge, Avatar,

Good Morning Ms. / Mr. Avatar,

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to creatively arrange yourself in a box. Cuts aren’t required, but they could be interesting. You might achieve this with a pose, through rezzing pieces of prim and mesh clothing, or through a bit of Photoshop magic. Or any other means, or combination of means, that you can think of.

Post your Avatar in a Box photo to your Blog, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever you’d like, and then leave a link to it in the comments below. If you post to Flickr, you can also add your pix to the Challenges 2015 group.

As always, should any part of your avatar body be caught or trapped in a hinge of the box, the SL Community Manager will disavow any knowledge of the Avatar in a Box challenge.

Good luck, Avatar!

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    1. spunknbrains

      I like the way you did this!! I am not in SL these days, but would have loved to participate. I wonder if I can use an old photo.. that I took in a box.. lol.

      Great imagination on this peeps!

      1. I agree Spunk ‘n Brains! Peeps photo is da bomb!

        Although SL tends to dominate these things, it’s not intended to be exclusive to SL. If you’re in some other virtual world, or even that wacky “real” world, you can still participate as you like.

        In fact, next week’s challenge, Friday Artist Challenge #2 – Role Reversal, will be encouraging peeps to trade places with someone from a different world.

        For sure, do join us if you’re inspired to. And either way, thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

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