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From VB01 – Girl Next Door, on 18 April 2009, to VB50 – Farewell, on 28 July 2013, Vanessa Blaylock Company created 50 site-specific performance art works in virtual worlds. Our 50 works employed a cast of 400 unique avatar cast members, some making dozens of appearances, and others appearing only once. Across these 4 years and 50 performance works our activities eventually evolved from Virtual Performance Art, to Virtual Public Art. They became less about specific choreography from me, and more about empowering participating avatars to express their identity.

Black-and-white photograph from the Royal Opera House stage looking out toward the house. Agnes Sharple and Vanessa Blaylock, as Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, perform a partner dance.
Reperforming the 1962 production of Giselle. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. Agnes Sharple as Margot Fonteyn & Vanessa Blaylock as Rudolf Nureyev.

With VB50 we have closed our Virtual Performance Art chapter, and begun the Virtual Public Art chapter. It’s less a change in the already evolved work, and more a matter of our “label” catching up with where the work had already taken us to.

This vanessablaylock.xyz site is an overview of the 50 performance works with a brief image + text introduction to each work, and links to further documentation. For more information on new and ongoing activities, please visit Vanessa Blaylock.com

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