The Word “Block” in Every Language
The Word “Block” in Every Language

The Word “Block” in Every Language

I suppose on social networks like Twitter, or virtual worlds like Second Life, people do “block” or “mute” other users from time to time. The thing is, as a visitor or in conversation with people, you never see them block anyone, and you never really hear anything about it.

The unique thing about Periscope is that you not only can see peeps block other peeps, but you see it all the time. When you check in on a Periscoper you’re following, or use the World Map to peek in on a Periscoper you’ve never seen before, one of the most common things you’re likely to hear as soon as you enter is “block”. Or possibly you’ll hear the ‘scoper admonishing viewers to “be nice” or “behave.”

When you go to a site like 4chan you kind of expect a lot of cheekiness. When you go to a site like LinkedIn, peeps are usually pretty polite. Periscope seems to be a place where people can teach, share, travel and tour together, all against a constant backdrop of “open boobs” or other insults.

Top 3 words on Periscope

I’m pretty sure the 3 most common words in use on Periscope today are:

  1. Boobs
  2. Open
  3. Block
Women's basketball players leaping high with hands on opposite sides of a basketball and the net less than a meter away
Candace Parker (USA) blocks a shot by Sandrine Gruda (France). Gold Medal Game, Olympic Summer Games, London, Saturday, 11 August 2012. Photo: / Associated Press

Block in Every Language

There are a lot of English-speaking Periscopers, but there are also plenty of peeps in plenty of other languages and they block creepers just as much, so as a public service, here is the word “Block” translated into every language that Google Translate supports:

Afrikaans: blok
Albanian: bllok
Arabic: منع
Armenian: թաղամաս
Azerbaijani: blok
Basque: bloke
Belarusian: блок
Bengali: বাধা
Bosnian: blokirati
Bulgarian: блок
Catalan: bloc
Cebuano: block
Chichewa: chopunthwitsa
Chinese (Simplified): 块
Chinese (Traditional): 塊
Croatian: blok
Czech: blok
Danish: blok
Dutch: blok
English: block
Esperanto: bloko
Estonian: plokk
Filipino: bloke
Finnish: lohko
French: bloc
Galician: bloque
Georgian: ბლოკი
German: block
Greek: φραγμός
Gujarati: બ્લોક
Haitian Creole: blòk
Hausa: block
Hebrew: בלוק
Hindi: खंड
Hmong: thaiv
Hungarian: tömb
Icelandic: blokk
Igbo: ngọngọ
Indonesian: blok
Irish: bloc
Italian: blocco
Japanese: ブロック
Javanese: pemblokiran
Kannada: ಬ್ಲಾಕ್
Kazakh: блок
Khmer: ប្លុក
Korean: 블록
Lao: block
Latin: block
Latvian: bloks
Lithuanian: blokas
Madedonian: блок
Malagasy: sakana
Malay: blok
Malayalam: ബ്ലോക്ക്
Maltese: blokk
Maori: poraka
Marathi: ब्लॉक
Mongolian: блок
Myanmar (Burmese): ပိတ်ဆို့
Nepali: ब्लक
Norwegian: blokk
Persian: بلوک
Polish: blok
Portuguese: bloco
Punjabi: ਬਲਾਕ
Romanian: bloc
Russian: блок
Serbian: блокирати
Sesotho: thibela
Sinhala: වාරණ
Slovak: blok
Slovenian: blok
Somali: block
Spanish: bloque
Sudanese: blok
Sudanese: kuzuia
Swedish: blocket
Tajik: блок
Tamil: தொகுதி
Telugu: బ్లాక్
Thai: กลุ่ม
Turkish: blok
Ukrainian: блок
Urdu: بلاک
Uzbek: blok
Vietnamese: khối
Welsh: bloc
Yiddish: בלאָק
Yoruba: Àkọsílẹ
Zulu: block

  • Google Translate has audio pronunciations for many but not all of these languages. And, of course, if you have a better translation for any language, be sure to let Miss Google know!

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