Vanessa’s Coffee Shop
December, 2022


Hi, it’s Vanessa! Thanks for joining us here at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop. If there’s no barista on duty, help yourself to all the coffee, tea & baked goods you like. Check out the art exhibit, skate, or grab a bumper boat and explore the Innu River. Vanessa’s Coffee Shop also offers free animesh babysitting. And join the Postcard Club to share postcards with friends. I’m so happy you’re alive and sharing this world with us today. I hope it’s a good day! Thanks for visiting Vanessa’s Coffee Shop.

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Hi, I’m Vanessa! It’s so great to have you here at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop. From 2009 to 2013 I produced 50 works of Avatar Performance Art. From 2013 to 2015 I shifted gears to Avatar Public Art pieces like parades. These let you explore and express your identity.

From 2015 to 2017 I organized several versions of Medici University, a virtual campus with 100 artists’ studios where you could explore your creativity in a community setting. Finally, in 2020 I wondered what if it was simply a place to be anyone you wanted to be, and enjoy the company of others. Vanessa’s Coffee Shop was born. And somehow we’re still here. Coffee, tea, you, me. Thank you for being part of this 15-year odyssey exploring avatar life & culture.

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Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: come for the free animesh babysitting, stay for the great conversation.

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Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: Coffee, Tea, Baked Goods, and You.

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Check out the current art exhibit at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: “Second Life in Black and White” – 50 works by 37 SL photographers.

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Now showing at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: “Second Life Street Photography,” photographers capturing moments of everyday life across the grid.

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The new art exhibit at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop is “Inconsequential Portraits,” moments of avatar life that aren’t as formally posed or perfectly rendered. Moments in the lived experience of SL.

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Now at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: “Avatar Photographers Photographed,” capturing avatar photographers at work and play.

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Enjoy the new art exhibit at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop: “Screen, Last” a collection of those last conscious moments before sleep, as captured by your SL Viewer.

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