Medici University, Alternative MFA's, Virtual Residency poster

Today education along with the use of information technology and communication in higher education in general, and medical education in particular, faces important challenges. Changes in health care systems and the advances in Medicine, together they increase the level of the services of the faculty members in different fields and as a result it leads in the reduction of time in education. The importance of developing information technology and communication is so much that after the first decade of 21st century, there are a few education and research activities that are possible without internet and computer communication. 

Using this brand new educational method as one of the pretty cost-effective educational methods specially in higher education is increasing in Iran. Virtual University of Medical Sciences that its statute has been developed after analyzing the virtual universities in the world has two main missions. One is running and developing special virtual education majors such as eLearning in Medical Sciences, and other medical areas like veterinarian services which all include special scholarships and learning opportunities in the best medicine and top vet schools in the us.

Another is helping to perform virtual education science in universities of medical education and developing necessary infrastructures and performing standard electronic contents to all the universities in the country.